Nov. 2, 2018 at 7 p.m. to Nov. 4, 2018 at 4 p.m.
Montague, MA, US

After a fantastic weekend exploring with Cocrea and evolving in dance with a fantastic group Wren LaFeet is delighted to return in November to teach again! Join us for a multi-layered dive into relational dancing… with the beginning of the weekend geared towards newcomers to the end of the weekend catering to those looking to deepen their skills… it’s sure to be a rich experience for all!

What if you could convey your experience with music to another using your body and your dance as a conduit for the music to move through?

COCRÉA is an improvisational partner dance practice for developing presence, opening gateways to creativity, empowering mindful leaders and followers and generating authentic connection in relationship.

In this weekend workshop facilitators will guide participants into an experiential embodiment practice based in the forms of many of the world’s social partner dance techniques, while inviting and allowing an easeful flow of ideas to emerge through listening and responding to the moment. Familiar techniques woven together in this practice include contact improvisation, blues, tango, ecstatic dance, fusion, and more! As we hone this dynamic, kinetic toolbox, we emphasize connection, communication and presence between two people within a community of others. Allowing intuition and feeling to guide the partnership, their centers and frames to support it, Cocréa celebrates our ability to embody profound joy through being in a body moving in harmony with another body.

Weaving the threads of collaboration, cross-pollination and consciousness, the practice focuses on how dance can enhance and expand relationships into a deeply connected, honest and powerful tool for personal, interpersonal and collective transformation.


Goals of Instruction

  • Give you empowerment to enter into partnership confidently on any dance floor regardless of musical genre.
  • Provide a context for you to connect in a positive, supportive and mutually enjoyable manner.
  • Expand your movement vocabulary by guiding you through a progressive curriculum.
  • Gain greater body awareness and sensitivity – both physical and emotional – to your partner.


  • Develop mindfulness and deeper body awareness.
  • Open gateways to your creative mind.
  • Exercise confidence in all your interactions.
  • Learn and practice valuable consent tools for being in integrity in all your interactions.
  • Nurture authentic, compassionate and intimate connections to those with whom you relate.
  • Create calm in your life through engaging mirror neurons and offering your body the touch it needs without expectations, attachments or entanglements.

A few of the concepts Cocréa workshops explore:

  • Spinaesthesia – Jedi musicality. Sensing music as movement in your body.
  • Conversational dance – blurring the line between lead and follow.
  • Polarity in partnership – dancing with non-duality in all the places along the spectrum.
  • Technique – dancing sustainably, setting yourself up for a lifetime of dancing.
  • Radical Presence – being aware of everything that’s happening in your body, with your partner and the space around you, all of the time, no matter what.

Please join us for a weekend of rich development in dance and authentic relating!


Fri. Nov 2nd - Sun. Nov 4th, 2018 
Fri (7-9:30), Sat (10-5), Sun (1-4)

This will be a full weekend with three days of workshop sessions building on each other. No housing on-site. Nearby accommodations available through AirB&B and local friend stays.


Montague Retreat Center

Nestled in the hills of western Massachusetts on 34 acres of gardens, orchards, pastures and woods, Montague Retreat Center borders thousands of acres of wildlife management area. A state-of-the-art barn with geo-thermal heating and cooling, bamboo floors, exposed beams and soaring ceilings.

Turn up West Chestnut Hill Rd off North Leverette Rd, then follow around to the left onto Ripley Rd, parking strait head or up the hill.

Nourishment: snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the weekend. No meals served. Please bring a lunch Saturday and Sunday (if you plan to come to I-Opener & then stay for the afternoon workshop). Nearby eating options include the Leverett Village Coop and the Bookmill. If sufficient interest we may place a large lunch order for delivery.


Register Online :
EarlyBird/Student - $95
2nd Tier - $120
3rd Tier - 140
Last Minute - $160

Registration online (cost + ticketing fees). Msg Sarah to pay with Paypal for no fee.

Both singles and partners welcome. Space is limited.


Wren LaFeet
Fueled by his curiosity in spirituality, sexuality, global community, the natural world and human relations, Wren’s devotion to love has been his guiding light, and partner dance the method of his understanding. He underwent a rigorous dance training at The Branson School, followed by a BA in Drama and Dance at University of Washington where he trained with Suzuki masters Steve Pearson and Robin Hunt, and professional dancer Peter Kyle in P3. After four years cutting his teeth in the Seattle entertainment industry, Wren’s work truly came alive when he discovered the Gene Keys and the OneDoorLand community in Portland, OR and gained a holographic overview of humanity.

In working somatically in his contemplation of the Gene Keys, applying his study of humanity through theater as well as applying his highly developed intuitive ability, Wren has enabled countless students to dance with joy, helped free insights locked in the body, brought people into a greater awareness of their sensual nature and even assisted in the healing of chronic disease. Wren’s goal is to help guide people into right relationship with the moment; to listen and respond appropriately to what is being called for in service to the highest good of all involved. He is an author in the published work, “Reinhabiting the Village,” a TEDx speaker on “Pioneering a New Renaissance through Movement” and creator of the mindful movement modality, Cocréa™.


Sarah Monette
Sarah is a facilitator of Authentic Relating and ecstatic dance events throughout the Northeast and beyond! She travels the world hosting workshops, supporting events, and DJ’ing. Her collaborative venture… Nexus - Expression, Dance, Production, Connection… promotes collective and personal expression through ecstatic movement, interactive art, authentic relating and introspective engagement. She’s passionate about dance, full expression in movement, and is beyond delighted to bring Wren’s relational wisdom and talented guidance to the Western Mass community!

Learn more about her projects:
ARC - Authentic Relating Connection
Ecstatic Dance Boston
DJ Journey Weaver


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Excited to dance with you!!!


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