Sept. 28, 2018 to Sept. 30, 2018 (in 8 days)
Vader, Washington, US


Lightspeed is a community-driven dance weekend in Vader, WA, focused on providing a smaller, more intimate experience for our dancers. Last year was a ton of fun, but it was a bit wet, so we’re moving to September this year!

Our New Payment Structure

To better accommodate dancers from all backgrounds, we’re implementing a sliding scale for the cost of registration.The base cost to run Lightspeed comes out to about $120 per dancer - $45 for food, $25 for the band, and $50 for rent, utilities, and improvements to the floor, dance hall, and accommodations.
If you can’t afford to pay $120, that’s fine. We want the weekend to be available to everyone, you included. Pay what you can afford.
If you can afford to pay $120, please do.
If you can afford to pay more than $120, every dollar goes towards supporting other attendees and making Lightspeed a viable, accessible, and awesome weekend. ($170 sponsors one other Lightspeed attendee at the minimum cost. Paying $220 sponsors two Lightspeed attendees at the minimum cost. Paying $270 sponsors three! Wow!)

We do offer lower rates for sponsored dancers. These are provided on an as available basis and require a minimum investment of $70 from the sponsored dancer. If this is truly a hardship that would prevent your attendance, please let us know. We do not want financial reasons to prevent you from joining us.

Housing Updates

In an effort to expand our capacity, we have made some changes to our accommodation options. Previously, attendees could pay to upgrade to indoor housing options. This year we are reserving indoor housing for people requiring indoor accommodations, organizers, and talent. If you feel you need an indoor accommodation, please let us know. We do not intend to exclude populations for whom camping is not feasible. However, we have limited indoor space. Organizers and talent will be allocated space and it is at their sole discretion to host other dancers in their rooms. If you do acquire indoor accommodations with an organizer or talent participant, we would appreciate if you would consider donating $10 toward sponsoring other dancers.

In the event of inclement weather, we do not intend to leave attendees stranded outside, however. If conditions sour, we will do our best to ensure everyone has somewhere warm and dry to spend the night.

Dining and Meals

This year we are also including the meal plan with all weekend registrations, mostly to minimize kitchen scurry and panic. All meals over the weekend will be vegetarian, same as last year.

If and only if you have a dietary concern that you feel will prevent us from cooking for you (we’re happy to accommodate vegan, gluten-free, etc at no extra cost), please use the discount code “NOFOOD” to opt-out of prepared meals.


Register for Lightspeed Contra Camp 2018

Lightspeed Donation

Maybe you can't make it to Lightspeed, but you like what we're doing and the community we're working to build and you want to help support us. If that's the case, please feel free to pass along a donation - any amount helps us work towards improving our accommodations and the weekend as a whole.