March 18, 2018

Lindy Hop

Put a “spring” into your Lindy Hop by joining us for an afternoon of springtime dancing. “Hop into Spring” is a great opportunity for improver-level dancers to consolidate their skills, play with some variations, and get some new Lindy Hop toys to play with :) Three hours of Lindy Hop classes (spread over 3 and a half hours with breaks) for only £7 per person. So come on down to The Gregson for a fun Sunday afternoon workshop, then have some pizza and come back for an evening of dancing at The Jam Circle!

As normal for our workshops we don’t run a concessions and for this workshop we aren’t offering a loyalty card discount, keep that for one of our other super-exciting workshops later in the year, with super international teachers!


Hop into Spring doesn't have any passes or merchandise available right now. Check back later or contact an event organizer.