March 25, 2017 at noon to March 26, 2017 at noon
Seattle, WA, US


Joe DeMers and Sara Lapan will be teaching Drag Blues on Saturday, March 25 and a special Drag Blues Masters class on Sunday, March 26. Sean Morse (and friends) will play live for classes and the Saturday night dance!

Saturday, March 25

12-1:30pm - Refine Your Drag Blues Technique
This class will review key points of Drag Blues technique and focus on polishing movement transitions to get everyone connected and maintain that connection while dancing across the room to music.
1:30-2:30pm - Spirit Moves Connections
The Spriti Moves is the leading documentary on Lindy Hop and Jazz Blues. There is a Blues chapter in which we see the Savoy Swing dancers dancing Blues. Learn Drag Blues moves that are directly inspired by the Spirit Moves!
2:30-3:30pm - Rag Doll Fun!
Learn to lead and follow with some of the most relaxed frame possible in Drag Blues. Followers will be feel like they’re flying, while leaders are empowered to shape weight transfers.
3:30-4pm - Drag Blues Moves
Let’s end the workshop with some really great partner movements to incorporeate into your Drag Blues.

8pm-11pm - Live Music Blues Dance w/ Sean Morse and Friends (Drag Blues and Jookin’)

Sunday, March 26

9am-11am - Drag Blues Masters Class (Advanced Dancers)


Saturday Workshop and Dance ($45 before 3/22; $50 after 3/23; $60 at door)
Saturday Dance Only ($10)
Drag Blues Masters Class ($15 before 3/22; $20 after 3/23; $25 at door)

Location: Downtown SEA, TBA

Joe’s Bio:
Joe DeMers is a champion Blues instructor from Denver, CO. He has toured the world teaching and performing from South Korea to France, Canada, Israel and all over the US. He loves to dance and is proud to be a dancer, performer, competitor, and instructor. He is known for bringing excellent opportunities of critical thinking and analysis of Blues to the classroom. His Drag Blues style is nicely blended with Jookin’ and captures the lively rhythms and themes of Blues music. He is known for encouraging follower expression in the dance as an equal partner to the leader. He is a proponent of Frame Matching and the creator of ΔpTed and the Hierarchy of Creating Partner Connections, frameworks for analyzing and teaching partner-dance connection. He also runs a 6-day, Blues dance instructor training in Denver, CO. For more information on him, or Frame Matching and ΔpTed, check out his website at Also, watch his free How to Dance Drag Blues instructional videos on youtube: You can see his latest Contemporary Blue routine:

Sara’s Bio:
Since 2004, Sara has been in love with Lindy Hop and Blues. She has studied a wide range of dances, including Ballroomin’, Jookin’, and Drag Blues as well as Argentine Tango, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Solo Jazz, and Tap. She has taught dance (and math!) for over 9 years. As a teacher, she’s known for her interactive, engaging style of instruction. She strives to instill in students her passion for Blues and Swing dancing as something fun, social, musical, and artistic. Over the years, She has taught at local and regional events throughout the country.

Sean’s Bio:
Sean Hunting Morse came to play Blues music first as a Lindy Hopper, then as a Blues dancer. Being a dancer first, Sean “gets it” when it comes to what dancers need to feel comfortable on the dance floor. Every event Sean plays is a true collaboration between performer and dancer. His improvisation is laced with wit, musicality, and always laughter, and his emceeing follows suit. Every show is one-of-a-kind, blending inspiration from the venue, the mood, and, most importantly, the dancers themselves.

SEA Drag Blues w/ Joe, Sara, and Sean 3/25-26 doesn't have any passes or merchandise available right now. Check back later or contact an event organizer.