June 23, 2018 from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Firehouse 5, 2014 9th St, Sacramento, CA 95818, CA, US

Hip Hop Fusion Dance Workshop in Sacramento is coming soon!

Join us for a full day of workshops and take a deep dive into hip hop dance and music. By the end of this workshop you will be grooving to the music in new ways, exploring new rhythms, hitting beats with different textures, and partner dancing with dynamic new techniques!

1-2:30pm Hip Hop Tech 
In this introductory class, we will dive into the history of hip hop, it’s evolution, and it’s scope of influence in the international dance scene. Learn hip hop technique and find the answers to questions like, ‘What does hip hop ‘feel’ like? What is a groove? What are the different styles in hip hop?’ Learn new movements and vocabulary to expand the dynamics of your dance. 
*This class will be primarily solo based dancing.

2:30-4pm Choreo & Phrasing
Fusion partner dancing is primarily an improvisational dance. What happens when we take improvised movement and remember it in a sequence? Welcome to choreography and phrasing. In this workshop, you will learn how you can integrate choreo into your dance. Additionally, we will explore phrasing and it’s roll in music and dance. Learn how to predict special moments in the music and emphasize them with your dance. Take your understanding of musicality to the next level! 
*This class will be primarily partner based dancing with elements of solo dancing.

4-4:30pm Break/Open Practice

4:30-6pm Hip Hop Integration with Fusion
How do I invite my partner to do a hip hop fusion dance? Where is it best to incorporate hip hop style? In this final class, we will fully integrate your hip hop knowledge with fusion dance. Learn how to initiate and respond to hip hop styling on the dance floor. Discover opportunities to break from a partnership and perform solo dancing then smoothly integrate back into the partnership. 
*This class will be primarily partner based dancing with elements of solo dancing.

8-11pm Hip Hop Themed Fusion Dance Night 
with special guest DJ’s
Hip hop, R&B, Soul, and more!

PRICING for Full Workshop (must attend entire workshop)
Includes hip hop themed dance night
$75 Presale
$85 at the door

$8-10 for evening dance only

All classes will be held at FIREHOUSE 5 in Sacramento.

Joe Gray:
Joe has been teaching, choreographing and performing for over 15 years. His friend and mentor, the late Gary Kendall, was a founding member of the now world famous dance crew: Jabbawockeez. Joe has performed alongside the Jabbawockeez in the international touring shows Monster Shop Bump’n and Breakshop. In his studies and world travels he has developed a unique style with influences including hip hop, breaking, contact improvisation, and fusion. Joe fuses these styles together in a light spirited and playful manner. His choreography has been featured several times at the acclaimed San Francisco Hip Hop Dance Fest. He has been a principal performer at special events for: Sony, Pixar, Kaiser Permanente, Oracle, Salesforce, and more. Joe has instructed at several universities including Stanford University, University of San Francisco, Sonoma State University, and more. Joe is excited to collaborate with like minded artists and to help the community embrace the power of performing arts.

Elizabeth Ferreira:


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